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CrusaderSlatex Crusader (Red male) DOB: 6/1/09

What an amazing boy this is. Crusader is laid back, yet loving and responsive.

He is highly workable with cats, and is patient with smaller dogs. Crusader does enjoy canine company, but also loves the company of humans.

He is so quiet it is hard to tell he is even there.

Crusader is fine with the older children in his foster home, and is very well behaved.

Loves his walks, and the odd romp in his foster families fenced back yard. He just turned 4 on June 1st, and is ready to find his forever home.



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  1. Jon Says:

    Slatex Crusader, aka Crew, just finished his first week in his new home. It has been a real treat to see him adjust to his new life, he was exhausted after his first day in the office but he was an old pro by day 2. This little fellow is a joy to have around and a real charmer.

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