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August 11th, Dog Wash & Hot Dog Day brought in a whopping $871.00! A portion of it went towards a gazebo to use for our events, and we will likely get a second one as well. The remainder of the proceeds will go directly towards the vet bill. Michaela, Judy and I would again like to thank Gay Wilkes, Kim Cartier & Mike Koupriyanov, Julia Purvis-Scaletta, and Tara MacCoy & her family for volunteering a good part of their day with us. Together with all the other people who donated items for our hot dog sale made it a HUGE success!

We would also like to thank Kim Gibson and the ladies at “A Doggie Spaw” for volunteering their services to HSH, and to the two clowns who also brought smiles to our day. I am just adding a few more photos below, and the rest will be added to the website whenever Warren gets a chance to do so.

Bud, Spud & Steak fundraiser – November 2010

The Bud, Spud & Steak held at the Palomino Club on Nov. 6/10 was a huge success! It was well attended and 190 meal tickets were sold. A HUGE round of applause goes out to all the dedicated volunteers of Hi-Speed Hounds, and to the people who bought tickets and supported us in any way. We made enough that evening to pay off the remainder of our hefty vet bill at the Animal Hospital of Manitoba with a little left over to go towards the one with Best Friends Vet Clinic!

We had an enormous assortment of gift certificates and items donated towards our silent auction that made our event unique and memorable. Our own numerous Greyhound volunteers were incredibly generous with both their time and their donations. However, we would also like to thank the following people and businesses who also supported us as we strive to get everyone involved again for next year’s event!

D’Arcy’s Arc
Sustainable Fitness
Cheryl Halvarson
Tony’s Massage
A Doggie Spaw
The Keg
Reinhard Jorek
Boston Terrier Pug Rescue
Gay Wilkes
Gail Harding
Lynn Pet Professionals
Aruba Massage
Lakeridge Canine Camp
Ruff House Boarding Kennel & Training Centre
Sobeys – various stores in the city
Manitoba Public Insurance
Jim Gauthier Chevrolet
Best West
Palomino Club
Barb Almer & Rick Rouleau
Tim Horton’s
Billabong Restaurant

Bud Spud & Steak – April 2013

Well, the results are in – Hi-speed Hounds made $2,105.00 after (minimal) expenses from last night’s event! It was a wonderful evening enjoyed by a lot of GreyT people!

A very, very special thank you to Simon Lambert, who put together an incredible new HSH video. It was nice seeing different people’s reactions when they saw their Greyhounds on the big screens! And also another special thank you to Erin McMillan, who wrote and performed the “Colourful Greys” song at the beginning of the video just for HSH! Dan Scaletta added the drums and percussion, while Joe Boucher did the Guitars, Bass & Saxophone.

These large events consume an incredible amount of work and time, and we would like to especially commend the following volunteers for their time and dedication to HSH: Judy & Ray Starr, Brad & Ilona McEachern, Annastasia & Simon Lambert, Kim & Gaynor Bibby-Gibson and others from Vada’s Club K-9, Julia Purvis-Scaletta, Dodi & Shell Beckwith, Eric Kowalyk, Tara MacCoy, Gay Wilks, Vicki Derksen-Duhame, and Joanne Brisson. Thank you also to many others who contributed prizes and gift certificates, as well as cash and/or tickets for the lottery tree. A very special thank you also to Art Wilks, who contributed a spectacular last-minute grand prize of a 4-hour “Wine & Cheese” cruise for six people on Lake Winnipeg aboard their yacht, “The Misprint.” ($1,000 value!) Jake & Darlene were lucky enough to win this incredible prize, so “Bon Voyage” to them!

We would never be able to do this without our incredible volunteers, so hats off to everyone!

Michaela Lamoureux
President – Hi-Speed Hounds

Rescue Ink in Winnipeg – September 2010

The crew from Rescue Ink visited Winnipeg to raise awareness of animal rescues and help promote local groups. Hi Speed had a booth and several hounds were on hand to chat with people and of course gets lots of rubs.

Dragon Boat Races – July 2010

Chris and Shelia and their team of paddlers were in fine form, representing Hi-Speed Hounds! Their tent was set up near the docks, complete with enough food and water to feed an army! Judy & Ray Starr came out with Carly, Missy & Dot, Gina Wedel & Chris Rempel came out with Octane, Ilona was there with Odie, and Michaela came out on both days with different Greys each time. (Amos on Saturday; Moe, and Carebear on Sunday.)

The festival was held at Manitoba’s Water Ski Park 365 Murdock Rd. (off of Dugald).

HSC Foundation has created a $30,000 “River City Dragon Boat Festival Research Award” which will allow researchers to apply for funding within their specific area of research.

Currently research is being conducted in such areas as chronic Hepatitis C Virus, Kidney and Liver disease, Developing Treatment Modalities during Pregnancy for Multiple sclerosis and Chronic Inflammation related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, to name but a few.

Best West – Feb 20, 2010

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Grey Picnics



Spring/Summer Walks

Forks Walk Aug 13 – Keith & Kathy with Brogan & Riley, Jake & Darlene with Fergi & Jessie, Sheena with Snappy, Brad & Ilona with Odie, Ron & Evelyn with Elf & Tia, and Wayne & Tracey with Zara.

August 2013

Fall Walk

Fall walk October 2010

Kildonan Park October 2010 – Darlene & Jake with GG & Roxy, Paul & Cynthia with Dani, Michaela with Tyler, Speedy, Hal, Amos & Drew, Eric with Odie, Ron & Evelyn with Elf & Tia, Julia with Tai, Joanne with Annie, and Judy with Dot, Carly & Missy

Past Events

Check our video from past events.