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Sookie Sue AKA WW’s Skor
DOB: Feb 16/09
27 Races; 1 win
DOB: 16 FEB 2009

Hi there, my husband and I adopted Sookie Sue last summer when our son was about 6 months old. She is so comfortable with our two male dogs Ludo and Rufus. They seem like playful, happy siblings and it is so nice to see her have so much fun with them. She also has no problem with our 3 cats. Our son Kaleb is now 15 months old and Sookie has been adjusting wonderfully to a busy busy household. She is a sweet, well mannered greyhound who has a piece of our hearts.

Sookie Sue is doing so well with our family, not one concern! She is extremely social and friendly with every dog she meets. Just wanted to update you and send you a couple pictures of Sookie and her friends!

Sookie Sue has been adopted by Trista and Matt.

3 Responses to “Sookie Sue”

  1. Trista & Matt Says:

    “Cara” now “Sookie Sue” has been adjusting so well in her new forever home with us. She walks like a dream on a leash and gets a along wonderfully with our 6 month old son, two large male dogs and 3 cats! We love her!

  2. Maria Manitowich Says:

    I think I met her at the Thunder Bay meet and greet. I am thinking of getting one and would appreciate Thunder Bay greyhound owner contacts. Maria 807 620 3552

  3. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Maria
    Pretty sure Micheala can put you in touch with a TBay contact. You can contact her at 204.219.4029.
    Good luck. Please contact the site if you have any more questions.


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