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Kate – Adoption Pending

Kate is a sweet girl. She is intelligent, expressive and playful. She understands a great deal of what is asked of her without the use of commands, will allow anyone to care for her (teeth cleaning, nail clipping, etc.) and crates well if/when needed. She loves to meet new people, both adults and children & she does not jump or bark. She does well with other dogs in a household setting and always enjoys the company. In fact, she is much happier when others are around.

Kate is a natural in the great outdoors and likes to play fetch and run with other dogs, so much so that she is sometimes reluctant to come back inside! She also walks beautifully on a leash. When inside however, she LOVES attention. She’s always up for a belly rub or an ear scratch.

Kate is a great girl who deserves a good home, preferably one full of life and adventure. She gives far more than she receives and any home would be lucky to have her.


Shoko – 10 month old female

Greyhound – Irish Wolfhound cross, longer fur and feathery tail. Large, strong, energetic and playful as all puppies are, cat and small dog safe. She does need a playmate and a home where someone is home for part of the day.

Shoko is a stunningly beautiful big girl, who gets along great with people, most other dogs, and has lived with cats.

Shoko has hip dysplasia, but don’t let that scare you as one would never know it. She had been assessed by Dr. Trevor Bebchuk, a top orthopaedic surgeon, and has been receiving Cartrophen shots under the watchful eye of Dr. Andrew Davidson. She has responded so well, that surgery may not be necessary at all.

She rough houses and plays with the other Greys in her foster home, and there has been no sign of lameness. If she does need more shots at some point, the treatment is cheap and easy to deal with.

Shoko just turned a year on March 4th, and still has tons of puppy exuberance and energy. She would really benefit from consistent training and lots of one on one. Shoko will need an active home, preferably with another dog similar in size and energy level. She does not do well being left alone for longer periods of time, as she really thrives on activity.

Shoko is a very good girl in so many ways. She really loves being close to her people, and can be very sweet. She travels well, and is completely house trained. This girl will make some lucky person a loyal and loving companion.

Shoko 1Shoko 2

14 Responses to “Available Dogs”

  1. kenna leclerc Says:

    Hi Michaela, my name is kenna leclerc, im ten years old and absolutley LOVE greyhounds. They are my favorite breed. Right now, as you may know, i am babysitting Bonnie. She is fantastic with our family. We have a rabbit in the house, but bonnie hasn’t yet smelled her or touched her. I also have a reptile in the living room, and bonnie does not care. Bonnie has not been eating, but we took her to our local baseball diamond with the rest of the greys as so as nikki, laura, olivia etc. She was fantastic with her muzzle. SHe ate and drank after. Ayla who is one of my best friends, her auntie said my family was very ideal for her. I do want to keep her, but unfortunately my dad is out of town. I check your website everyday. I will keep you in touch.

    Kenna Leclerc

  2. kenna leclerc Says:

    Hey there Michaela, bonnie was fantastic! Hope she’s cooperating with you! Please keep me in touch. I love that dog! Tell her that i love her!

    Kenna Leclerc

  3. Michaela Lamoureux Says:

    To Eduardo(with the three Daschhunds) who contacted me about a Greyhound, I cannot send an email back as it is telling me it does not recognize the email address. Please email again if you want to talk. Thanks.

  4. Shauna Says:

    Hi Michaela,

    My family and I would like to adopt a Grey Hound to add to our family. We had two Whippets years ago and now we have a 5 year old miniture Schnauzer.

    I have always loved Grey Hounds and I feel that my family would be a great place for one. I would just like to know how the process works. Paperwork? Cost? etc…

    If you could get back to me that would be fantasic!

    Take care
    Shauna Zacharias

  5. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Shauna
    I have forwarded your email to Michaela, you should a reply shortly.
    You can email her directly at if you want.
    She will provide all the details.
    If you have any further questions please contact the website.


  6. Cara Says:

    I currently have a 9 ur old Boston terrier chihuahua cross an I am looking for a mischiefs buddy who also needs a friend . Was just as a family get together and my cousin holly had 2 beautiful hounds there: she recommended me trying hsh. Can you forward me adoption I info? I have a bit spin should be looking at another boy yes? I also have a 4 year old girl so they would need to be non- violent with kids. Thanks so much!

  7. SiteHound Says:

    I will forward your email to the the person in charge of adoption, Michaela.
    You can contact her at 204.219.4029 and speak with her directly, she has all adoption info.


  8. Cathy Says:

    Hi, I am very interested in adopting a Grey. We have two dogs and lost our third big guy a year ago at he age of 17.
    He was a Pyreneese X. I have looked at Greys while in Florida and am very aware of Hesse wonderful dogs.
    Do you currently have available dogs?

  9. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Cathy
    Thank you for contacting the site.
    I believe there a few adoptions available.
    The best thing to do is contact Micheala at 204.219.4029 and speak with her directly.
    Good luck, hope you find a match.


  10. Maria Briceno Says:


    I was wondering if adopt greyhounds out to people living in Montreal, Quebec.

    Thank you

  11. Thomas Says:

    Hi. I am looking at getting my 5yr old Doberman a friend, and am considering a greyhound. I see Zippy and think she would make for a great buddy for my guy. Can I get some more info about her?

    Thank you

  12. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Thomas.
    The best thing to do is contact Micheala at 204.219.4029 and speak with her directly.
    She knows the dogs the best and can tell you if Zippy would be a fit for your dobie.
    Good luck.

  13. kathy Says:

    My husband and I are thinking of adopting another dog ( we have a female Jack-a-bee she is 2yrs) in mid-July, we met two greyhounds linked to your organization and I fell in love. Please tell me what process is for adoption cost ect.
    Thanks Kathy

  14. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Kathy
    Contact Micheala at 204.219.4029 to discuss adoption, fees and available hounds.
    Michaela has had great success matching retired racers with families.
    Good luck, if you have any questions please contact the site.


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