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JJ’s Moody Blues DOB: June 22/10 – Fawn male.

I am thinking that this dog is actually an angel disguised as a dog. I’m not sure why this angel chose to stay with me, but he is nothing short of an absolute joy to be around. He is 150% sweetness and just loves to be hugged and kissed and talked to and rubbed and scratched. When we are just in the house relaxing he has taken to curling up on the dog bed, but still likes to go into his crate from time to time. He does fantastic in his crate. Never a peep. He has started playing with Sadie’s toys, and when I had the piano tuner at my house last week, Moody kept sneaking into the tuner’s case and stealing his red felt! It was the funniest thing. I kept picking up the red felt from the dog bed, and putting it back in the case only to walk by. Again five seconds later to see the felt on the dog bed again.Moody tested positive for a tick borne illness which we have treated and he is now ready to find his forever home. Moody is an absolute sweetie who can’t get enough of playing and his people.

Blue has adapted very well as an only dog in his new forever home. With his daily walks he has learned not to pull on the leash and stays beside me except when the neighborhood bunny arrives. He is quite the character. Loves to play and is also a laundry hamper thief. He is not yet the typical sleep-23-hours-a-day greyhound, but he is practicing towards it. He likes to roo when I sing to him, tail wagging. He’s such a dream boy with unconditional love to give.

5 Responses to “Moody Blue”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there, I’ve always been interested in getting a greyhound. I love to run and would enjoy his company! If you could email me back, thanks, Richard

  2. Anonymous Says:

    not sure if my email went thru – My email, Richard,

  3. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Richard
    The email did got through. Great to hear you are thinking about a Grey.
    The best person to talk to is Michaela at 219.4029. She will give you the details and talk about what retired racers are still available.
    If you have any further questions please contact the website.

    Good luck

  4. angela soliman Says:

    Am looking for a greyhound have been for awhile but wanted the timing to be right. we are ready to have our own baby. when you have time please call 2045109440

  5. SiteHound Says:

    I will forward your email to the the person in charge of adoption, Michaela.
    It would be best if you phoned her at 204.219.4029 and speak with her directly.


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