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Hokie - Offical test cat for HSH

Finding a match for a retired racer and forever home can be difficult.

Each Greyhound is unique and not all of them have read the breed description book the human has. Throw a cat in the family make-up and the difficulty goes up further.

Enter Hokie, the official test cat of Hi Speed Hounds. This laid back feline has cat tested about 40 greyhounds. As you can see he has a no nonsense attitude and enjoys keeping his dogs in line. Michaela thinks he is the only cat that she has met that is really cool. High praise coming from Michaela!  We agree.

On March 26 2011, Hokie the official ‘test cat’ of Hi Speed Hounds went on to the rainbow bridge with his family by his side. He had been living with cancer since November 2010. Despite his terminal illness, he continued to live out his remaining days with his fabulous personality intact. He entered our dog-loving home in 2007 and quickly found a place in our hearts.

He shared his home willingly with two greyhounds and a hamster as well as with a host of greyhound fosters. He took on his cat testing role within Hi Speed Hounds in stride and seemed to welcome the opportunity to check out all the new greys. He has left an immense hole in our home and our hearts and we will miss him terribly.

The Dezan Family

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  1. Kerry O'Brien Says:

    My Chili Dog passed the Hokie test and now loves with 2 cats and a little Shih Tzu cross. They sleep together and hang together on the couch, so its because of Hokie I was able to bring a greyhound home to my 2 cats.

    Thanks Hokie.

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