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Why should you adopt a greyhound from Hi-Speed Hounds?

Hi-Speed Hounds is committed to finding loving homes for each and every one of the dogs we rescue. It is our mission to find the perfect match between dog and potential owner. Until we place our rescued dogs, we care for them as if they were our own. Each dog receives the best in veterinary care from Nancy McQuade at the Best Friends Animal Hospital.

It is our mission to save these wonderful animals and we will do everything to ensure that these animals are treated with love and respect. They cannot speak, so we shall speak for them.

What should I consider before adopting or fostering a greyhound?

First and foremost, you need to become educated about the situation these dog come from.

Evaluate whether or not you can commit to having a new family member in your home.  Remember, these are INDOOR dogs, so you need identify your household needs and requirements and communicate those needs to us.  We will do our best to find you the right “match”!

Finally you need to be prepared to invest the time and money required to owning a dog. Some facts to consider are:


  • These dogs are generally not abused at the track, and come from loving foster homes. They will go through “separation anxiety” and “abandonment” when you first bring them home, which is normal. Since their friends from the track left them and then their foster family left them, you can understand that they will feel afraid and confused. Are you going to leave me too? We recommend taking the first few days off from work when you get your new dog so you can be there to help him adjust during this transition period.
  • These are indoor dogs, you cannot not leave them outside or unsupervised for any length of time. Can you be home to feed the dog at least twice a day (breakfast and dinner)? Can you be home or make arrangements every 4-5 hours to allow the dog to relieve itself?
  • While these dogs are very fit, they do call them the 45mph-couch-potato for a reason. Most dogs are fine with a minimum of 20-45 minutes of walking per day.
  • While most dogs can “hold it” for long periods of time, they do need to go regularly. Most greyhounds need to do their business within 1/2 and hour of eating or drinking.
  • The average greyhound can live up to 15 years old!


  • These dogs eat about the same as an average large breed dog, however their fine-tuned athletic genetics require that you feed a high-quality dry food. The average greyhound eats 4-6 cups of dry food food per day ( 4 for average size, 6 for a very large male). You can supplement meals with a Tablespoon of wet food to keep dinner interesting, but wet canned dog food is not required. Dry foods are properly balanced for complete nutrition. Foster parents in our organization generously give their own time and money to feed the dogs in their care.
  • Greyhounds are a very healthy breed. Most genetic diseases have been bred out of the lines and they have very large healthy hearts! That being said, you should be able to afford regular check ups, dentals and shots. You should also have reserve funds for accidents. Surgeries and treatments can be expensive, so discuss the potential costs with your vet so you can get an idea for what fees you will pay. Foster parents caring for dogs in our program are not responsible for vet care.
  • Greyhounds require some “gear”. This is part of the fun of owning one, we say! You will need to have the following: Soft large bed, strong leash (4-6ft), balls and toys, rawhide chews, heavy hooded winter coat and light spring fleece (check our ours on our online store) , food and water dishes, kennel for transport (optional, if you are vacationing).
  • Don’t forget your dog license!

What does my newly adopted dog come with?

Our adoption fees are $395.00 CDN, and included in the fee is spay/neuter, blood testing for several chronic canine diseases (and treatment if required), first dental cleaning, de-worming, shots (if required), starter martingale collar, humane muzzle, free membership into the Winnipeg Greyhound Walking Club and a life-time of “tech support”. We are always available for help and advice for acclimating and training your greyhound for the rest of his/her natural life.

Adoption Form PDF Download the Adoption Application

5 Responses to “About Adopting”

  1. Sandra Says:

    We are very interested in adopting a grey hound. My husband and I have an 8(soon to be 9) year old son and a small (japanese chin/bichon) 2 year old dog. Our dog is super friendly and has never met a dog he didn’t like and get along with. We have a big yard that is fenced in, although our dog is rarely out there longer than it takes for him to go to the bathroom and he’s right back up on the couch (we wouldn’t have it any other way). We would like another dog to be part of our family and hopefully a best buddy for our dog. We do take our dog for walks as regular as we can, except when it’s too cold. I, like my dog and the grey hounds, don’t like to be outside either when it’s -30.

    If you think we might be suitable to adopt one of your grey hounds, please reply. Thank you

  2. katareina Says:

    Hello, My name is Katareina riley the first time i ever seen a greyhound was when i took a trip to Calgarywith my step mom and we seen some of her friends, i noticed they had longskinny dogs that were absolute the nicest, loving yet shy dogs all at thesame time. when i was there i must have spent my whole time playing withthe two dogs and i asked the owner about these dogs and they told meeverything! i loved hearing about it, i loved the dogs too. So im moving into a house with my boyfriend and we have a daughter together and the firstthought that came to my mind was getting a greyhound to give one good awonderful home. All my life i have had big dogs like pit bulls a rottweilerand some larger mix breaded dog and currently at my fathers place is ablack lab the best dog i have ever known. i live in Treherne MB its asmaller town with many of friendly people around. so now i have somequestions. im currently house no fence for the back yard ! that’s another problem. but i walk almost day so he or she would get plenty of exercise. where would i pick up the greyhound if i decided to get one in winnipeg? and is there an age a person must be to adopt a dog 🙂

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Katareina

    Contact Michaela at to discuss available dogs.
    You can discuss your situation and she can let you know if adoption is possible.

    Good luck, if you have any more questions please contact the site.

  4. Travis Says:

    Hi i am very interested in adopting one of dogs. Right now i live in a groundlevel 1000sq.ft apt but in the process of purchasing a larger house with a large lot for a dog to run. I would like to talk with someone asap if possible to start the adoption process.



  5. admin Says:

    Absolutely Travis
    The lady in charge of all adoptions and placement is Michaela.
    You can reach her at (204) 219-4029 or by email at
    If the website can be of help please drop us a line, we have a network of owners who can help with questions about these wonderful dogs.

    Best of luck finding a racer that fits in your plans.

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