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“Tai” (Boc’s Upondatail) was born in December of 2004, he ran in 50 races finishing 1st in 5 races, 2nd in 7 races and 3rd in 6 races. The tracks he ran at were “Bluffs Run”, “Dubuque” and “Dairyland”. Despite falling in his first race and last race he escaped with no major injury’s!  Tai was rescued and brought to Winnipeg in November of 2007 by HSH. Originally he was adopted by Janis L. and family, due to circumstances Jan was unable to keep Tai and that is when he found his way home to us in fall of 2009.

Tai is a gentle giant standing 31″ at the shoulders and weighing 80lbs. He has fit right in with our family and loves his 2 new Whippet buddies, he even likes the Cat ! Tai is a great guard dog as well! He has adopted us as his own and we absolutely love him.

Adopted by Dan & Julia

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