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About the Breed

Watch a terrific video about the efforts of HSH and why the rescued Greyhound is a wonderful choice.

Greyhounds have been bred for speed, athleticism and temperament for several hundred years. Originally thought to be Greek or Roman in origin, similar ancient breeds have been found in Arabic and Celtic history. Greyhound racing was brought from England and Ireland around the turn of the century and has evolved into a multimillion dollar industry in the United States. Some greyhound racing does occur in Canada, however strict regulations make it less profitable and therefore less popular than in the States. Read more here.

The Racing Life

NGA (National Greyhound Assocation) Greyhounds are bred to race. They are born in breeding facilities, trained, and housed in kenneling facilities and raced at various dog tracks throughout the United States.

These racing dogs are raised and socialized from the beginning. They are taught to walk on a leash and how to chase a lure, but they are not taught basic house manners that are taught to dogs that are home raised.

Each Greyhound handler houses about 60 dogs at a time, and each races every 3 to 7 days. Generally, greyhounds are not abused, but their handling is utilitarian and straightforward.

When The Racing Ends

When a Greyhound’s career is over, whether it’s not winning, or if it is not kept for breeding, their purpose is over. This is where greyhound adoption comes in. Most greyhounds will retire between the ages of 2 and 6 years.

Foster Homes

When Hi-Speed Hounds receives retirees from the track, they are placed into temporary foster homes where they are house trained. They remain in foster care until all of their veterinary work has been done. Before they are available to adopt, they are assessed with kids, cats and in many other situations. We get a good handle on what the dogs are all about before putting them into a loving home.

Hi-Speed Hounds is always on the look out for qualified foster parents. If you feel that you have what it takes to save a life and have the time and energy to commit to this wonderful, elegant breed, please give us a call.

Veterinary Services

Nancy McQuade at the Best Friends Animal Hospital provides the veterinary health care including examinations and any medical treatments required by the greyhounds from Hi-Speed Hounds.

All Greyhounds brought into Manitoba by Hi-Speed Hounds receive the top veterinary care available. Spays and neuters are done immediately along with de-worming, flea and heartworm prevention, and heartworm testing. Many of the dogs are also tested for Tick Born illness.

When you adopt a greyhound from Hi-Speed Hounds, you will receive a folder that contains your dogs medical records, vaccination certificates, sterilization certificates, etc.


Greyhounds make fantastic pets. They are calm and gentle, and adapt easily to different situations. Most travel well in cars and love to go everywhere with you.

Greyhounds have some special needs and requirements that have to be met to ensure a long, safe, happy and healthy life. Our goal is to place greyhounds in the best possible homes, not simply ANY home.

Applicants will have to go through an interview process, complete with a home visit and reference checks. This process ensures that the adoptors get the correct dog(s) for their lifestyle, the right personality fit and the best all-round match.

Greyhound Facts

  • Greyhounds are indoor dogs. They have very little body fat and do not tolerate extreme temperatures.
  • Greyhounds must be kept leashed or in fenced areas. They can never be chained or tied up.
  • Greyhounds have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.
  • They are the oldest of all domestic dog breeds. Egyptians worshipped them as gods and made murals of them in tombs.
  • Greyhounds are naturally gentle and are usually fine with children that are taught to respect animals.
  • Greyhounds are social by nature and usually adapt well to living with other breeds and sometimes with cats as well.
  • Greyhounds are NOT hyperactive and are often referred to as the 45 MPH couch potato. They love to get out to run on occasion, but will happily curl up on a warm blanket (or sofa) indoors.
  • Many people who have adopted greyhounds say they are the best pets they have ever had!
  • Greyhounds are the only breed of dog mentioned in the Bible.
  • At one time in England, it was forbidden for a commoner to own a greyhound.
  • Greyhounds can clearly see for up to a half mile.
  • Greyhounds are bred for speed, endurance and even temperament. Due to selective breeding, hereditary, physical and temperament problems have been avoided.
  • Greyhounds are very sensitive and surprisingly gentle. They possess superior intelligence and are not animals whose spirit has been beaten by the training or racing experience.
  • They are used to travelling and enjoy riding in cars.

4 Responses to “About the Greyhound Breed”

  1. Eduardo Sanchez Says:

    We are thinking of adopting a greyhound. We have three dachshunds. Would a greyhound live comfortably and peacefully with other dog breeds? Would we be considered to adopt?

  2. SiteHound Says:

    Hi Eduardo
    Several greys have found a home with other breeds, cats, birds you name it.
    Allot has to do with the dog and finding the dog that would be comfortable in your home.
    The best person to talk to is Michaela at 204.219.4029.
    Michaela is a pro at finding the match – house plus grey.
    Give her a call, I’m sure she can help you find a retired racer who would like some shorter room-mates.
    HSH is expecting a new group of retired racers so you timing is good.
    Good luck, please contact the site if you have any further questions.

  3. George Says:


    I am a single professional guy who is away 9-10 hours a day monday to friday, never owned dogs in my life. was thinking about owning a hound, i can walk the dog before and after work and on weekends, i live in a house and have enough room. do u advise me to do that or maybe not appropriate at the moment?
    Best Regards

  4. SiteHound Says:

    Hi George
    Allot depends on the dog and its personality.
    I will forward your email to the the person in charge of adoption, Michaela.
    You can phone her at 204.219.4029 if you wish and speak with her directly.
    She is the expert on knowing the dogs and finding a fit.
    Good luck, if you have any questions please contact the site.

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