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Selkirk Record – Oct 2012

Selkirk Record – Sept 2012

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QX104 – Best Day Ever, April 2011
Amanda Ellison has two Greyhounds of her own and also fosters for HSH, has done something incredible for future Greyhounds coming in! QX104FM Radio Station had a contest where people were able to submit an entry as to what their “Best Day Ever” would be. They call your name at 7:30am, and you have 104 minutes to call them back. She had told them that her best day ever would be helping out Hi-Speed Hounds and advised the radio station what our needs were. Amanda submitted her name and request about two months ago and had all but given up on a chance to win.

Usually Amanda is in the car driving her kids to school by 7:30am, but was running late this morning. Her mother called her at 7:42am this morning, yelling at her to call QX104 quickly as her name had been called!

QX104 is awarding Hi-Speed Hounds with $1,000.00 worth of dog food certificates, $500.00 in certificates for Scoopy Doo waste removal, and another $500.00 for material to make our dog coats!

Listen to Amanda’s response below. (Tissue warning!)

Click to listen to the interview

Click to listen to the interview

Winnipeg Sun Article – January 12, 2011
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Winnipeg Sun Article

Winnipeg Free Press ArticleGreyhounds racing to the grave – November 13, 2010

Shaw – Aug 2010 has posted a video about Michaela and HSH. The video is Windows media.

Winnipeg Free Press Article – Meet & Greet – February 21, 2010
Free Press Article

See the solution to: too much snow, a house bound Greyhound and a shovel

CBC coverage of Hi Speed Hounds efforts. The piece is towards the end of the video.

Times Community Newspaper Article – February 11, 2010

Community Newspaper Article – February 4, 2010

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