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Boc’s Sprocket July 2/07
Red brindle Male – 136 Races with 29 wins

Well, Sprocket is a delight to be around. He is playful but gentle. He has a very soft mouth with his treats and even his stuffies. He LOVES stuffies. We put them back in the box at night and by evening, he has them all back in his crate with him. He walks great on the lead; needs a bit work on paying attention to his human when other creatures, like squirrels, catch his eye, but he loves to please and to hear that “good boy!” so I imagine his “prey drive” will disappear with time and patience. He still gobbles his food like it’s the last meal on earth, but that’s more to do with still having another dog around to compete with. Sprocket the Rocket (as we like to call him) does have lots of energy and enthusiasm for a four-year-old dog and would be good for a home with peeps who like to do things: walk, run, play fetch, and who also would like to include him in their family life. He likes to follow you around just to see what you’re up to, loves his pats, and at night, when the lights are low, he likes to lie at your feet for a bit and get ear and tummy rubs.

Adopted by Melva & Malcolm

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