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Millie’s Magic Oct. 2/07

Red fawn Female – 61 lbs. 88 Races & 10 wins; not cat friendly

Millie is a very sweet girl who absolutely adores people. This is one fantastic little girl, and contrary to what we were told before, she is just fine with kitties and small dogs. Millie is a girl that absolutely needs a canine buddy to play with. She loves the other Greys, but will do well with a respectful and gentle dog of another breed. Millie loves her walks, and walks beautifully on leash, and really enjoys running and playing and therefore will need a good sized fenced yard. She travels well in the car and loves going for car rides. Did I mention that Millie is absolutely beautiful? Millie is fine with older, respectful children, but she is very comfortable around adults and enjoys a quieter household. Millie had a long racing career and has really earned her forever home.

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